The Perfect Sonic Experience

Design Philosophy

Each product is individually crafted and tuned to satisfy the most discerning audio file.


Hailed as an iconic and revolutionary design, our NX series draws inspiration from the heritage and legacy designs such as aluminium resonance disc, conical woofers and spike legs for the perfect balance and tonal quality.



Handcrafted and high-definition


Striving for innovation and originality, every curve and every structure of the speaker has gone through thorough thoughts before they were created, delivering craftsmanship and passion towards creating the best sonic experience.

More than just speakers

It is art


It is more than a top-notch speaker. It is craftsmanship, it is passion. It is a delicacy, both to your ears and your eyes.

Seamless connectivity

Designed for Acoustics


Either NX-1 or NX-2 can be used as a single speaker or two or four to enjoy 2 channel Stereophonics or 4 channel Quadrophonics for the serious audiophile. Additionally, the height and L/R direction are adjustable which are designed to suit various listening preferences.

The speakers are equipped with advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and active speakers for today’s audiophile, and a dual design dual design for traditional audio cabled inputs. Special custom-made amplifiers are also available.